MoU Signing Ceremony between TEO and MoWA DM Ms. Spozhmai Wardak looking forward to hava more Collaborations together            Feb,20,2019



The Top 50 Tashabos student-entrepreneurs receive technical support as part of the follow up activities. To help the students run their businesses smoothly and expand them, TEO conducts five days of business management and principles training for the students. For better and effective learning the training was planned in two rounds of 25 students. Each group receives five full days of  training with the objective ‘how to establish, manage and develop small/micro businesses. 

Let support Tashabos Educational Organization(TEO) in this endeavours.

Today, the business training of the first group of Top 50 Tashabod students in presence of Mr.Mohammd Sediq Yaqeen, Director of Fifth

Educational Directorate and Ms. Fatema Naebi, member of Supervision successfully completed. ,31/Jan/2019


The Tashabos Top 50 second group traning and particants form Kabul, Kabul Districts, Nangarhar, Parwan, and Bamyan Provinces are taking part in the training,3/Feb/2019

The Top 50 Tashabos students'traning workshop completed successfully in presence of Mr. Navid Hameed, Founder Owner and Blue Journalism Institute,7/Feb/2019


The last commercial of the-Year-old students of enterprise.

The last phase of the 1397-Year-old enterprise was held in Kabul, parwan, bamyan and nangarhar.
In the current year, 1623 students of enterprise have been presented to the enterprise teachers. In this part, all of the top ten high-school projects that are all 400 400, ten best students have been appointed, after all the ten best students have their design in enterprise sˌwwny̰zې and rwzny̰zې organization, Enterprise Teachers, high school managers and students in the presence of education and education services. In every high school, a 126-Year-old man has been selected to be the best. This is all the 126 best design for the re-evaluation of enterprise sˌwwny̰zې and rwzny̰zې organization to find the best 126 design and finally the best students in the world. The last round of commercial competition was held by an independent member of the ministry of education and private sector representatives, in the meeting of the kabul technology and science center in the meeting hall of Kabul. In 22, the remember delegation chose three of the best players of the 22th.


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