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Business Proposal Competition Process

Tashabos Program Business Proposal Writing and Selection Process

Business Proposals writing and competitions

TEO and Tashabos teachers are managing the business proposals writing and holding business competitions. This process has many steps:

Step1: Tashabos teachers encourage Tashabos students to write Business Proposals for either a new business or improvement of an existing business. All proposals are required to be written according to the TEO provided criteria.

Tashabos Entrepreneur Products Exhibition

Exhibitions in Tashabos Schools


TEO with collaboration from the Tashabos teachers and schools’ administrations facilitates exhibitions of Tashabos student’s products in all schools according to the schedules developed for the educational year. The exhibitions are held to encourage the students who start a small business, provide them a market, and to build their capacity about marketing and selling products. The number of exhibitions depends on the interest of each school’s administration; one exhibition a year is obligatory.

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