Business Proposal Competition Process

Step 2: The Tashabos teachers guide the students on how to write a business proposal, and then they review the proposals.

Step 3: During the review process, the Tashabos teacher selects the school’s Top Ten proposals and sends all the proposals with a list of the Top Ten to TEO. TEO enters the business proposals’ data into their database.

Step 4: TEO forms a committee to review all the proposals including the teacher selected Top Ten and approves them. TEO then informs the teacher about approval and any changes TEO has made in selection of the Top Ten.

Step 5: In each Tashabos schoolTEO coordinates and plans a Business Proposal competition among their Top Ten students to select the Top Three. Each schools’ administration arranges an in school venue for these competitions. TEO representative(s), the Tashabos Teacher and one member from the school administration evaluate each of the Top Ten proposals as presented by their authors in the presence of other students who also wrote proposals. The joint evaluating team selects the Top Three in each school. TEO provides awards to all Top Ten and trophies to the Top Three.

Step 6: TEO assigns a committee to review all the Tashabos schools’ Top Three from all four provinces and select the Top 50.

Step 7: TEO assigns another committee to select the final Top Ten from among the Top 50.

Step 8: TEO organizes a final event in Kabul where the final Top Ten students present their proposals before an invited audience. All the stakeholders including ministries, the private sector, schools’ administrations, Tashabos teachers and students are invited. The competition selects the final Top Three proposals. The final Top Ten competition encourages students to learn the strengths and weaknesses of their business proposals through questions from the independent jury, and to strive for a better future. Judges for the competition represent the private sector, university teachers and ministries such as Ministry of Commerce and Industries.

Step 9: After the final event TEO conducts five days of business training for the Top 50 in two rounds of 25 students each.

Step 10: TEO also conducts four days of advanced business training for final Top Ten.

Step 11: Because not all MoE teachers have a background in economics, TEO conducts training for Tashabos teachers on business proposal writing and business management.


Step 12: TEO introduces and links the Top 50, including Top Ten, to the Ministry of Commerce and Industries (MoCI) and other interested and relevant institutions for future support.

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