The intra-schools process of the Business Proposals’ Competitions (BPCs), Tashabos Educational Organization organized this year, ended with the launch of the BPCs in four high schools (Shahid Abdul Wakil, Mohammad Aref, Alai, Nahid Shahid) in Nangarhar Province. In order to launch these competitions, the TEO team visited the schools in Nangarhar Province on January 14 to January 15, 2021. TEO team in coordination with the Provincial Education Department, organized these competitions in a better manner. Prior to holding these competitions, the necessary coordination was made with the relevant departments such as: Department of Education, Department of Supervision, Department of Women’s Affairs, Department of Economy, etc., and they were invited to visit the competitions in the high schools. Some representatives namely Qari Samiullah Zia, Head of Supervision, Mr. Asadullah Samim, Member of Supervision of Jalalabad City visited two high schools (Shahid Mohammad Aref Boys’ High School and Alaee Girls’ High School) and Mr. Zalmai Halim, Behsud District Education Director, visted Nahid Shahid High School and they participated in the BPCs in these schools. The mentioned representatives played an active role, thanked TEO for the important program and encouraged students to take more initiatives in Tashabos. The details of these competitions in each high school will be written separately.