Mr. Abdul Waris Hanifi
Mr. Abdul Waris Hanifi graduated from Khawaja Musafer BHS in 2021. His business proposal is about food services through restaurant. He shared the following information regarding his business proposal at final top 10 business proposal competition:
The idea that I started this work is that I wanted to become self-reliant and stand on my own feet, to be my own boss, and to start the work my-self. Importantly our objective is, to put money in business cycle, as much as the money of a country in the economical cycle, equally causes economic growth. Our restaurant is with variety of services.
Mr. Hanifi, about the Tashabos program role in his business, said: if Tashabos has not existed I would not be in the current position that I am. With the help of Tashabos subject I learned what is a business, what is capital, who is customer…, how we can expand a small business to a big entrepreneurship, so after consulting with family, relatives, and business experienced owners, I figured out to start my own business a restaurant. He scored at the sixth level in the final Top 10 business proposal competition.