Mr. Bilal Baharzai
Bilal Baharzai graduated from Ustad Betab BHS, Kabul City in 2021. His business proposal is about clothes sales. He shared following essential information regarding his business proposal at the Final Top 10 business proposal competition:
At first my father started this work himself as he does not had other worker, so I opted and because of my interest to assist him in his business, I started this business as well. In 2019 when I moved to Grade 10 and studied Tashabos subject I got the idea that I could be a good marketer to serve my father, family, and society. At first when my father started this business he had only imported clothes for sale but when I studied Tashabos subject as I was thinking of innovation and creativity so my creativity was to produce and sale women’s traditional clothes as well as men, and kids’ clothes.
Regarding his future plan he, said, with opportunity available, we instead foreign products, can produce our own inside the country. This will provide working/employment opportunity and on the other side we can have a sound competition with foreign competitors, and a trader will not need to import clothes with difficulty.