Mr. Nooruddin Noori
Mr. Noori, graduated this year (2022) from Shaheed Mohammad Arif High School in Nangarhar Province. His business proposal is about making cricket balls, he said that he selected this work because cricket is an international sport and has more supporters, so my business succeeds.
He, about the Tashabos program role, said, “I worked in the past but I was not professional, the Tashabos subject assisted us how to be professional entrepreneur, how to generate income with less investment, how to be a good manager, how to be creative in our work and how to expand our business”. I admit that Tashabos is a guiding subject that makes one self-reliant, reveals his/her hidden talent, and encourages one to become servant to him/her self, family and community. He told that he plans to expand his business to all provinces of the country.