Mr. Emal Nazari
Emal Nazari is one of the Grade 12 students of Shaheed Mohammad Arif BHS in 2022, Nangarhar Province. His business proposal is, repairing of mobile phone hardware. He says; Tashabos subject is playing important role in business, that how to become familiar with business start-up, and how to manage a small business we learned all of these issues from Tashabos subject, so we can say that Tashabos is an instructive subject.
As we know, most of the electronic appliances are imported from abroad with high price and low quality. I am planning to expand my business in the future and for implementing this plan, I need big amount of budget.
At the end I am thanking TEO for implementing Tashabos program that revealing the youth’s hidden talents. I, particularly, am thanking my Tashabos teacher Mr. Karim Asghari for teaching us the Tashabos subject, and thanks to all respected guests for their presence in this gathering and participation with us in the program.