Mr. Joma Gul Hayatzoi
Joma Gul is graduated in 2021 from Ustad Betab HS, Kabul City. He presented about his business proposal; when I went for the first time to my cousin workshop (my current business partner) I saw different car spare parts locally produced and imported ones. So I got the idea that I should become professional entrepreneur beside my education. I shared my idea with my family that they supported me enrolling in the workshop.
After four years period I got the lead and then for the first time with the AFN.400,000 investment partnered with my cousin.
I learned a lot from the Tashabos subject, presenting all of them need enough time, so I am sharing briefly the main points as follow:
For the first time I learned marketing from Tashabos subject, how to market, how to supply my products to market, and how to attract customers.
• Sound competition; mean how to recognize our competitors.
• How to select the trade name and brand for my workshop to put my customers in light be aware regarding my products, to recognize my products and avoid buying fake products.
• How an entrepreneur takes risk in a business. If an entrepreneur does not take risks, he/she can not be a successful entrepreneur.