Mr. Shabir Ahmad Oryakhil
Shabir Ahmad, son of Ali Ahmad, graduated from Khaja Mosafer High School, Paghman District in 2021.
His business proposal is to produce cooking gas. He shared the following information regarding his business proposal at final Top 10 business proposal competition:
My business proposal is about producing cooking gas from gasoline. This is very simple and easy, this cooking gas works more with less consumption than other gases.
He added: “In my opinion, the purpose of the Tashabos subject is to discover and reveal hidden talents.” Through this subject, a student flourishes his initiatives, students acquire self-confidence and increased courage, and it guides the student to serve himself and his community.
He says that my goal is to provide facilities to my countrymen and also my plan is to include my lovely country among other developed countries and show them that my country is not inferior to other developed countries.