All these figures show the greatest impact of the TEO in our local high schools because the majority of the students get inspired by the ideas and encouragement of the program by the age of 17&18 as soon as they realize how valuable it is. I hope the organization increases its capacity building trainings and train much more students quarterly and annually in different platforms such as virtually or in-person. The annual contest is also a great way of encouragement, but I wish the Org. launches trainings during the academic years, and prepares our Afghan students to compete in the International level beside the Tashabos course. Thank you for providing quality education to Afghan students.
From TEO to Muhibullah Ghafoorzai:
Dear Dr. Saheb Ghafoorzi, Thank you for the valuable comment that enrich the Tashabos program. We despite the challenges in various aspects, proceed with the plan we have. Tashabos program is a multifaceted approach and we are committed to maximise the effect as much as we can.