TEO and Khowaja Abdullah Ansari high school organized the Tashabos students’ product exhibition on 22 Sep, 2022 at campus of the school. Participants of the event were; Muwlavi Omid Afghan, District II Educational Director, school principal, vice principal, TEO team, teachers and students.

Mr. Fazel Rabi Haqbeen TEO Executive Director, after greetings pointing to Surah Joma verse of (And when the Prayer is finished, then may ye disperse through the land, and seek of the Bounty of Allah) he said, in this holy verse the aim from Bounty of Allah is gaining of Halal income which is one of the obligation.

Muwlavi Mohammad Omid Afghan, District II Educational Director, first he welcomed all. He delivered his speech to participants with details, the main points of his speech are; my perception from Tashabos consist of how to exhibit our hidden talents. Almighty Allah ordered believers to strength them self against enemy, this is possible when we are economically empowered. Our schools should be the places for talents’ growth. There is a period in the Islamic history with the name of golden period in which non-Muslims came to the Islamic countries for learning of knowledge. Our nations is sleeping but aren’t died. Our Afghans are talented; the founder of philosophy mathematic is one of Afghans, Sediq Afghan. There are many verses of Holy Quran regarding time importance, we must deeply think in. May Allah bless all of us the success in serving.

On behalf of the Tashabos students one of the Students Mr. Mohammad Masom from grade 11 expressed his thoughts about Tashabos program effectiveness. He define Tashabos/entrepreneurship (تشبث) word literally as; توکل :ت = trust, شجاعت :ش = bravery, باور :ب = faith, ثروت :ث = wealth. Then he called Tashabos program more effective for small business start-up and economic development of the country. At the end of his speech he requested TEO for more collaboration.

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