Following to the series of Tashabos students exhibitions, in a joint collaboration, TEO and Ustaad Betab High School’s administration organized Tashabos students exhibition on 25 October, 2022. On behalf of Kabul City Education Directorate, Mr. Mohammad Rafi Afzali, Coordination Officer, Qari Abdul Rahman Khadem, District Eight Educational Director, school principal, teachers, and students participated and visited the exhibition. The guests inaugurated the exhibition.
To broadcast the exhibition, Education Television team came to the school, they interviewed the eight district educational director and some of the students about effectiveness of the Tashabos program. Exhibition was organized with a special arrangement at the yard of the high school, the students who were working in the similar fields, were arranged as a group jointly. Exhibition was decorated with well designed banners about Tashabos definition, types of entrepreneurship, benefit of entrepreneur, and banner for marketing of student entrepreneurs’ products/vocational.
The gusts during their visit of the Tashabos students exhibition, discussed with the students about their ideas, roots, their work status, Tashabos program role, and their future plans. Mr. Khadem, District Educational Director asked some technical questions individually from each of the participants and provided them the essential advices related to their work as well. Around 50 Tashabos student participated the event. More of the participants were owners of a vocational profession. The displayed products, services and sample of the vocational professions were; fresh fruit sales, clothes, dry fruits, electronic accessories, engineering services, sofa cover, mobile repairing services, motor engine, fuel/oil changing service, mobile sales, photography services, motor technical engineering, repairing services, grocery sales, bicycle sales, repairing service, the jewel work in cloth, journaling service, tailoring, and solar board sales.
Students called Tashabos program very useful and effective in their ideas generation, creativity, their economical reliance and they expressed their happiness about provision of such opportunity. Mr. Khaem, District Educational Director expressed his opinion at the end of the event as follow; we are proud of all of the students participated in this exhibition, after 20 years of the military struggle now, is the time of gaining knowledge and reaching development. I thank TEO for encouraging the students and persuading them to take practical steps launching businesses, knowledge without practice and action is useless. I have a suggestion for the future programs that we need to have some of our students in the field of books sales as well to exhibit books and to popularize the reading culture by this as well. The self-sufficient students are our pride; the origin/base of the entrepreneurship is from the Abu -Bakar Sediq caliphate era when there wasn’t any jobless. Reaching to the economic self-reliance is very vital for us; wish all of you more success.
Tashabos Program Officer mentioned that presence of the educational district director positively impacted that the stakeholder’s cooperation is important encouraging such creativities. He thanked Mr. Khadem, District Educational Director and school administration for their continuous cooperation.

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