Following the series of the business proposal competitions this time BPC competition was held at Char-Asyab BHS on 10 November, 2022 with a joint collaboration of TEO and school administration. All together 18 students developed their business proposals to contest in the BPC. After review of all the proposals the Top 10 selected for the competition.
At the beginning of the program Tashabos Program Officer described the main points to be considered during students business proposal presentations. All students presented their business proposals on their turns in the contest. The jury members asked students questions about their business idea, innovation, financial source, marketing, and their future plans.
Students mentioned during their presentations that they thought the idea of business launching after studying the Tashabos subject and going through the program. After completion the presentations, the Top 3 were selected as follow;
1- First position, Mr. Rezwanullah Sahibzada Grade 12 student, besides studying his lessons at school, he serves in Islamic educations as well.
2- Second position, Mr. Ataulrahman Amiri Grade 12 student, his business proposal is about the drug sales, he is working with a drug sales company as marketer. Mr. Amiri has a good talent in poems and doing announcer job. He started this work rely on his own covering his expenses.
3- Third position, Mr. Zakiruddin Mangal Grade 12 student. His business proposal is about selling of shoes and sandals. Mr. Mangal beside selling foreign manufactured products export the domestic products to many of the foreign countries.
School principal Mr. Abdul Malik called Tashabos program important as carrying a vocational besides studying lessons for students can play a positive role in their economic empowerment. The competition ended with distribution of trophies, business related books, and appreciation certificates to the students.