Students who acquire Tashabos (entrepreneurship) knowledge during the high schools Grades (10, 11, and 12), with completion of this three years cycle they graduate. During this three years period students are encouraged for their self-reliant, creativity and innovation, and exhibiting of their hidden talents, and to take practical steps towards socio-economic wmpowerment. With implementation of Tashabos program, students are able to start and manage small businesses with creation of positive mentality and acquiring Tashabos knowledge.
Ashaqan wa Arifan high school is one of the Tashabos program school within the first District Educational Directorate in Kabul city. This year 95 students of this school graduated from the Tashabos program and obtained graduation certificates after completion of the program three years cycle.
The ceremony was held on 20 November, 2022 at the school, Tashabos Program Officer Mr. Ahmad Shakieb Fayzi mentioned that the graduation of these creative and talented youths can plays positive role in the socio-economic development of the society. He wished the graduated students more successes. With the representation of the school administration, one of the school teachers talked. He mentioned Tashabos program very effective for student’s future self-reliance and he thanked and appreciated TEO leadership involvement in the sound education of country youths.
The event ended with distribution of certified graduation certificates of Tashabos program by Ministry of Education leadership and TEO leadership to the graduated students.