The business proposal competitions among the young entrepreneurs really encourages them to accelerate their efforts for development of their businesses. The business proposal competition among Khawaja-Abdullah Ansari School students contesters took place on November 20, 2023 in library of the school.
The business proposal competition started with the recitation of some verses from the Holy Quran. Tashabos Program Officer, Mr. Ahmad Shakieb Fayzi oriented students about presentation of business proposals that students to be ready for presenting their proposals within the given time. There were the school principal, teachers and students present in the competition.
All contesters presented their business proposals in the specific time, the jury members asked the students questions about their budget, financial plans, marketing plan, and their future plans. Students answered the questions reasonably. The students entrepreneurs mentioned that their goals of starting businesses beside their education are to become self-reliant, having active role in country economy and to serve their society. During the presentation session, jury members called Tashabos program as a unique opportunity for improvement of their businesses and they encouraged the students to make use of the opportunity to expand their businesses.
As result of the competition, Top 3 students were selected as follow;
1- First position, Mr. Mohammad Hamid Hashimi, Student of Grade 12. His business proposal was about bookstore. He said that with studying Tashabos subject, he was able to go for creativity in his work that fortunately he made it to boost his work, adding online book sales service to his business. Now he attracted more customers, comparing to other bookstores owners.
2- Second position, Mr. Mohammad Mehdi Mohammadi, Student of Grade 12. He attended the plumbing vocational training and currently he provides mobile door to door service to his countryman.
3- Third position, Mr. Zabihullah Student of Grade 10. He has metal-work shop, he was able to make a one seat small car using his talent motivated by the Tashabos subject. He said that he has a plan to make big car when he afford it.
At the end of competition, students were awarded with trophies, business related books, and appreciation certificates.