Following the series of business proposal competitions, this time this competition conducted in Kabul province Paghman District related Khawaja-Musafer High school. The main purpose of conducting competition is to recognize the best business idea and to encourage students. Tashabos Educational Organization (TEO) with collaboration of school administration conducted business proposal competition at Khawaja Musafer high school on November 19, 2023.
Mr. Abdul Satar Haqqani, Principal, teachers and students attended this business proposal competition. The contest started with the recitation of some verses from the Holy Quran. Tashabos Program Officer presented the evaluation criteria of the business proposal to the students; he told that during the past years students of this high school had great achievements in the Tashabos program. Top 10 students wrote their proposal in different categories as services, agro-culture, livestock and technical parts.
All Top 10 students presented their business ideas within the specific time to the jury members in presence of other students. During their presentation, the jury members asked the students some questions about their goals, financial resources, marketing plan and Tashabos subject role in their businesses. Students answered the questions according to their own business plans. Related to Tashabos program role in their business, majority of students told that Tashabos was their main motivator and now as they carry their small business in align with a plan this is impacts of the Tashabos program.
The jury members shared their suggestion/recommendations with the students on some important areas as marketing, business ethics, having of efficient financial record system. Jury members encouraged students to serve through development of their small businesses.
As result of competition Top 3 students were selected as follow;
1- First Position, Mr. Aziz Ahmad Fazli, student of Grade 12. His business proposal was about online business in Amazon website. Mr. Fazli says that at first he participated the education period about knowing of online business in Amazon website and then he created an account for himself. He said, “ This is technological era, so I launched this innovation to use technology in an effective way”.
2- Second Position, Mr. Abdul Sabir Qadiri, student of Grade 12. His business proposal was about producing of electronic battery charger. His father is working in repairing of electronic accessories; he was able to make this battery charger with assistance of his father, while motivated by the Tashabos subject. He says that comparing with other battery chargers in the market, this product is cheaper and with a high quality.
3- Third Position, Mr. Abdullah Mohammadi, student of Grade 12. His business proposal is about producing home based tomato paste and he has contracts with shopkeepers for its sales.
At the end of competition Top 10 students were awarded with trophies, business related books, and appreciation certificates.