Tashabos Students Entrepreneurs’ Products Exhibition at Zainab-Kubra Girls’ High School
The Tashabos program objective is youth’s self-reliance, creating an economic momentum. The exhibition was about youth’s hidden talents; so Tashabos Educational Organization (TEO) continuously trying to encourage youth especially girls with using the available opportunities. Girls are encouraged to take part in the economic activities, so they can be proud of their own, families and society.
Due to the current restrictions on girls’ education above grade six, TEO in its implementation of the program adapting strategy in accordance to the situation. TEO use alternative ways, so girls beneficiaries benefit from the Tashabos program. This way they can play active role in the program, exhibit their achievements and to reach their targeted goals.
Tashabos students products exhibition in Zainab-Kubra Girls’ High School with coordination and joint collaboration of District Educational Directorate and School Administration was conducted on November 12, 2023 in the school yard. The exhibition was a good opportunity that girls students exhibited their talents and their creativities; fortunately, Tashabos alumni and high school students attended this exhibition with great interest. It is mentionable that due to positive impacts of Tashabos program grade six students were encouraged as well to participate in the exhibition and show their abilities.
The participating girls in the exhibition thanked TEO for providing this opportunity encouraging them that they mentioned that their presence in the school after a long period give a motivation to them that they can overcome problems by dealing with obstacles.
The displayed products were; handicrafts, tomato sauce, painting, drawing, and home decorating items. The 13th District Educational Director, Muwlavi Noor Rahman Ershad with TEO colleagues and school teachers jointly visited exhibition. During the visit from exhibition the director raised some points such as students’ business ideas, their current sale market, future plans and etc. and he discussed with students, he appreciated their creativities. Participants told that their main objectives from small business startup are their own and country economic development and creation of employment opportunities.
District Educational Director during his visit form the exhibition called such programs very important for creation of positive mentality to students and their encouragement. Mr. Ershad told “Today I am really happy to see that our sisters can support their family economics with using their own abilities”. At the end of exhibition TEO colleagues told to students that TEO is always trying to use the available opportunities for the purpose of Tashabos students’ progress and improvement.