A major exhibition under the title of Bibi Khadija Kobra RA, was held by the Afghan Women’s Chamber of Commerce and Industry in cooperation with the Ministry of Industry and Commerce and a number of other entities and organizations on Tuesday, Nov 14th, 2023 at the Afghanistan National and International Exhibition Center in Kabul, in which women made products were exhibited. Among these hard-working women, Ms. Walina Nazari, Tashabos alumni also participated. She expressed her satisfaction for considerable sales she had and added: “Tashabos program enabled me to pursue my dreams. From this program, I learnt how to run a small business, improve my business and learnt useful ways of marketing, which I brought a significant change in marketing that caused more earning.”
Ms. Nazari was interviewed by Sarahang and Ariana radios and Lamar TV and until now, almost a few weeks have passed since the exhibition, she has received orders from the visitors of the exhibition such as shawls and Afghani clothes, and she said: “In addition to the sales I had at the exhibition which was around AFN.4,000, the orders that I have received now after the exhibition, are about AFN.15,000. (which is three times more).
Ms. Nazari’s request from the relevant authorities and the government is to boost such useful programs, which, in addition to encouraging merchants, it has a significant impact in the growth of the country’s economy.