As Tashabos Educational Organization (TEO) Executive Director serves as ACBAR steering committee chairperson, so this time the steering committee meeting was organized in TEO office. The meeting conducted on January 10, 2024. For purpose of Tashabos Alumni support, TEO invited two of its active youth entrepreneurs to office, so that participants hear their success stories and to provide market for the entrepreneur’s products.
Two active entrepreneurs of Tashabos program each Ms. Fatima Nasiri and Ms. Valeena Nazari attended this event and displayed their products. During their presence in the meeting, the entrepreneurs described their business briefly as follow;
Ms. Fatima Nasiri, graduated from Abul Qasim Ferdawsi High School, her products are various type of handicrafts products and decoration of crockery. She described her business in her speech that “I for the first time, started my business from AFN. 20. I took business start-up idea from Tashabos program; starting the business, I have the breadwinning responsibility of all my family members that fortunately I was also able to support my brother’s higher education. The environment that I live in, is an environment without facilities for the female/girls work but depite this I was able to provide the employment/working opportunity for other women with distribution of raw material to them at their houses and receiving the completed items/products from them. As result of my continuous efforts, I was able to improve my capital to AFN 50,000. I am currently receiving orders from foreign customers that a good example is my current order that I received from AMAZON.”
ACBAR Director Mr. Richard Hoffman appreciated Ms. Nasiri work and asked the question that for how many people do you provided working opportunity? Ms. Nasiri answered that 30 women working with me.
Ms. Valeena Nazari graduated from Sherino High School. She said about her business and achievements that “I was motivated to start tailoring after studying Tashabos subjects. My products are; Afghani dresses, handmade embroidery, baby bed sets etc. that have good market. Others girls working with me as well. My products have good market as I receive orders from foreign customers valued around AFN.50 to 80 thousands. I attended capacity building workshops of TEO and other organizations that enabled me and was effective in my empowerment.”
The participants appreciated entrepreneurs’ creativities and they encouraged the entrepreneurs to work for further improvement of their businesses. The visitors shared their views/recommendations with entrepreneurs for their businesses’ improvement. Encouraging the Tashabos alumni, some of the participants/visitors bought some of the products valued AFN. 1400.
The entrepreneurs were very happy about provision of this opportunity and entrepreneurs called such programs very important in their encouragements and their business improvements.